Wavr Tech AB becomes Wavr International AB

Press Release

Wavr Tech AB Transitions to Wavr International AB from April 2024

Wavr Tech AB will become the new company Wavr International AB from April 2024. This transition marks the beginning of a new era for our company, with new management and a stronger business-driven focus.

Wavr International AB will continue with our service Zentnl, a tool that creates the conditions for better health and safety for vulnerable and high-risk roles, regardless of industry. This change will lead to improved results and increased satisfaction for all our stakeholders and partners.

Our customer relationships will continue under the new company, which means that our existing customers can expect the same high level of commitment as before. All rights and agreements previously belonging to Wavr Tech AB and Porall AB will be transferred to Wavr International AB.

Key personnel will follow in the transition, ensuring continuity and stability during this exciting time of change.

For more information, please contact: ir@wavr.com

Best regards,

Jan Björkholm

CEO, Wavr International AB