WAVR Secures Spot in Prestigious MATCHER Data Driven Innovation Program

Stockholm, [24.06.03] — WAVR is thrilled to announce its successful application to the esteemed MATCHER Data Driven Innovation program. This marks a milestone in WAVRs strategic expansion and commitment to fostering international business collaborations within the realm of data-driven technologies. 

MATCHER is a prominent International Open Innovation program hosted in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. Renowned for being one of the wealthiest regions in Europe, Emilia-Romagna is a powerhouse of economic and innovative activity. The program is designed to bolster local enterprises by facilitating strategic collaborations with vital players across the global innovation ecosystem, including a select group of promising start-ups and scale-ups. In its fourth edition, MATCHER continues to bring together diverse actors from both the Italian and international innovation landscapes, enhancing its role as a catalyst for cutting-edge partnerships and business solutions.  

This platform offers WAVR a great opportunity to engage with key stakeholders, paving the way for fruitful collaborations and enhanced market penetration strategies in European territories. – Says Janne Björkholm, CEO, WAVR International AB 

WAVR will be actively involved in two critical thematic clusters within the program: 
Data Collection and Elaboration to Support Operators: 

  • Focusing on the intelligent extraction and processing of data from a variety of internal sources to enhance operational safety and efficiency. 
  • Monitoring operator actions and positions along production lines to preemptively address potential injuries or work-related illnesses. 

Data Analysis for Strategic Decisions: 

Specializing in the management of diverse data sets to deliver actionable insights, especially tailored for stakeholders in the mobility and logistics sectors. 

 The initiative is backed by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), the world’s largest support network for businesses and research institutes aiming to innovate and expand on a global scale. Launched by the European Commission, EEN operates in over 60 countries and integrates over 3,000 specialists from more than 600 member organizations. This backing not only emphasizes the program’s credibility but also its impact on the international stage. 

WAVR is excited to leverage this opportunity to not only enhance its product offerings but also to solidify its position as a leader in the health & safety industry.  

For further information, please contact: massimo@wavr.com or/and visit wavr.com. 

About WAVR

WAVR International AB, a Swedish innovation and startup company whose mission is to provide their customers with digitized knowledge about human movement for improved health and safety in demanding work environments. One of our services is the service Zentnl. 


MATCHER is an International Open Innovation program aimed at propelling local businesses into the global market through strategic collaborations with international start-ups, scale-ups, and other innovation-driven entities. 

About Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network helps businesses innovate and grow on an international scale as part of the European Commission’s support network for companies with ambitions beyond their local markets.