Torbjörn Sannerstedt new CFO at Wavr Tech

Wavr Tech is expanding its management team with Torbjörn Sannerstedt, who was appointed CFO earlier this year. The recruitment represents an important reinforcement for the company’s future expansion and growth.

– Torbjörn Sannerstedt has many years of experience as CFO at companies in different sizes and in different industries, says Patrik Zayas, CEO of Wavr Tech. We are very pleased that he is now involved in the continued development of Wavr Tech, where he will be a key person in the preparations for the company’s upcoming IPO.

Torbjörn Sannerstedt


Patrik Zayas


Torbjörn Sannerstedt’s most recent position was CFO at the public energy and recycling company Halmstads Energi och Miljö AB. He has previously worked with financing in the role of CFO at Baggium AB, a growth company in the education and care sector with approximately 1,000 employees. During the years 2005-2009, he was CFO at AcadeMedia AB, the largest education company in Sweden.

– It is exciting to join Wavr Tech right now, when the company is in an intensive development phase, says Torbjörn Sannerstedt. It is also stimulating to be part of bringing the Zentnl platform to the global market. The technology has great potential to improve the working environment and safety in heavy industry. I look forward to work with the company’s CEO and board to create value for the company’s customers and its shareholders.

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