A world with less wear and tear on humans

Digital transformation

A new generation of digital tools for a faster,
more efficient work with sustainable humans in focus.

Tools that increase efficiency, save time and
costs when creating a more sustainable work environment.



Goal 8: Decent work and economic growth

Target 8.4: Improve resource efficiency in consumption and production
Wavr Tech applies a subscription model where materials and components are reused.
Target 8.8: Protect labor rights and promote a safe and secure working environment for all
Wavr Tech helps its customers increase safety and security in tough work environments with the help of advanced technical solutions.


Goal 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Target 9.2: Promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization
Wavr Tech creates the conditions for increased diversity in tough work environments by increasing safety and security.
Target 9.5: Increase research efforts and technical capacity in the industrial sector
Wavr Tech enables industrial research and development by providing technical solutions that collect and analyze data.


Goal 12: Responsible consumption and production

Target 12.2: Sustainable management and use of natural resources
Wavr Tech applies a subscription model to limit the use of critical metals and other natural resources.
Target 12.4: Responsible handling of chemicals and waste
Wavr Tech complies with the EU directive WEEE (Waste of Electronic and Electrical Equipment) and works to minimize electronic waste by extending the product life cycle.