Take control of your work environment

Optimize the work environment with Zentnl’s AI for motion analysis and injury prevention measures.

Zentnl’s wearable AI-technology collects and analyzes movement data, provides instant feedback to prevent injuries and reduces
risk in industrial workplaces.
Improves the work environment for workers, saves time, money and generates valuable insights that improve the employer’s safety work.

Everyone comes home today

Promotes safety with smart tools for sobriety in the workplace

Porall ensures employees are sober at work to promote workplace safety.Combines smart tools with software solutions to support and manage sobriety.
The service creates a safer working environment for everyone. The Porall platform also offers services that support addiction problems.

Shaping our world responsibly

At WAVR, we firmly believe that collaboration is the cornerstone of success. We recognize the invaluable guidelines set forth by the United Nations as an excellent starting point for the journey towards a more sustainable world. With a steadfast focus on people, their health, and working condition.
WAVR is committed to leveraging advanced technology to make a meaningful impact. Through dedicated investments in research and development, we continuously strive for greater efficiency.