Rant warning starts here….

So we started pushing Avem33 to Daydream following all the archaic rules like selecting ship with the controller and not head view and got all the practical parts in place. After the first review process we realized we don’t agree with Google on what motion intensity Avem33 is. In-game you move in one direction without acceleration. Elevation changes and translation in Y changes, but you’re not really changing the direction of the ship. This might sound a bit weird, but it’s a way of removing motion sickness. We believe that it’s a 2’ish DOF but Google thinks it’s 2+ so it is now rated as “intense motion”. We we’re also denied through the process because of our stereoscopic render for the store. Apparently, there needs to be a floor because users could get fear of heights or vertigo. We fixed that and sent it again. A few days later it seems the review process of Daydream apps isn’t really production grade yet. Alpha, Beta and Production management, including the Google support telling us one thing then actually wanting another, is rather tedious, but we’ll get it through soon enough. Oculus might have judged the game harshly at times and their site used to be a bit wonky, but the Googles stuff us just meaningless issues no developer wants.

End of rant.