Game development and industrial applications combined

Developing cutting edge games is a great way of pushing technical boundaries. This enables us to build high performance industrial applications for solving real-world problems.

Mobile Body Sensor Network

Understanding the human body

The BSN project explores the use of body mounted sensors to get a better understanding of the human body. Motion is the main focus but we combine this with data from several other sensor types. We use both off the shelf and proprietary hardware. The project investigates the use of machine learning for online motion classification.
Use-cases include VR/AR, sports, rehab, injury prevention and automated emergency response.

Project HoloCV

Real-time object recognition for AR devices

The HoloCV looks at computationally efficient low latency machine vision and object recognition running on common AR HMD’s and mobile phones. We want the AR devices to understand
what they are looking at, not just the geometry of local space. The purpose of the project is to give field operators and untrained staff access to context-specific expert knowledge.