Launching a game on Steam is a bit of a process, but in all honesty Valve made this pretty streamlined. Their response time in review is fairly impressive as well. We did notice a little issue however. We wanted our players to be able to experience Avem33 on desktop as well as VR. Obviously the game is intended for VR in the first place, but since we could give users the bonus of having a desktop version, we did. The backend for this is pretty straight forward so we set it in motion and released. People started noticing the game and we got reviews. After a day or so, we got a few support issues that the game didn’t work.

The image above is what was reported. When trying to launch the game from the download page in Steam, it tried to run the VR version straight away. No popup of which version to run. A few clever people realized you could right click the game and run the second option in the menu instead. launcher_download

In the regular library mode, the launch options popup is properly launched:

For game developers wanting to have multiple launch options in Steam this is a good to-know.