2017-09-18 | Avem33 featured by Google in the Daydream Store
Wavr released its first VR game on Google’s Daydream platform where it is now featured in the Daydream VR Store starting September 14th. The featured section is available in USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Germany and India.

Teaser image from the game

Teaser image from the game

Avem33 is an arcade-style game where you fly through an endless city. Your goal is to follow a trail to collect points for as long as possible without crashing.

“We are pleased to have successfully released our first game. With 25000 downloads of Avem33 we’re inspired to build new and exciting experiences using Virtual and Augumented reality.” – Patrik Zayas, CEO of WaVR

Out now on multiple platforms
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2eUKcMU
Oculus: http://ocul.us/2w7pXqe
Steam: http://bit.ly/2f5gR6i

About Wavr Tech AB – www.wavr.com
Wavr is a Virtual- and Augmented Reality company based in Sweden with strong roots in research, innovation and the games industry.
Our mission is to redefine what’s possible.

Link to press kit: http://bit.ly/2f3GcNO