Our development pipeline has been setup using Visual Studio only excluding the need for Android Studio. We now develop native C++ and OpenGL in Visual Studio with both compiling, deploying to handset and debugging remotely (Wifi) all within Visual Studio. One major issue is when Samsung Phones have been updated OTA the permissions in the OS is corrupted thus not allowing debugging at all. Took a while to figure that one out.

There’s also some weird permission stuff going on for debugging with Visual Studio 2015-2017. If you receive a message saying:

Unable to start debugging. Unexpecetd GDB output from command “-target-select remote:5039”. Remote communication error. Target disconeected.: No error.

VS error

Well, there’s remedy. Locate your adb.exe and run it as shell. Ex: “adb.exe shell”.
Then, replacing with your package name, change the execute bit on the package folder by typing the following:

run-as com.company.app chmod a+x /data/data/com.company.app

There you go, just hit F5 again, and you’re all set for debugging in sweet Visual Studio.