Pushing the bounders with gamification

The idea and concept with our lab is to explore technology fields related to our core business. The WAVR BSN Platform derives from high-end requirements in VR technology and understanding animation and motion combined with high quality.

  • VR Games

    Industrial applications combined with game development is a great way of pushing technical boundaries. This enables us to build high performance industrial applications for solving real-world problems.

  • Benny!

    The BSN project explores the use of body mounted sensors to get a better understanding of the human body. Motion is the main focus but we combine this with data from several other sensor types. We use both off the shelf and proprietary hardware. The project investigates the use of machine learning for online motion classification. Use-cases include VR/AR, sports, rehab, injury prevention and automated emergency response.

  • Dragon Orb

    Dragon Orb is fast-paced arcade game where you are challenged to smash together Dragon Orbs that appear around you to release the encapsuled dragons of Reigndar. Are you quick and witty enough to champion the land? Then step into the portal and begin!

  • AVEM 33

    This is an arcade style flying game which takes you through an endless landscape. Your goal is to follow the trail as much as possible, but it's not possible to follow it all the time so don't get greedy. The longer you stay alive, the more points you will get.

  • AVEM 888

    Avem is latin for bird and 888 is the lucky number. Are you the lucky bird? You are hereby challenged to set the record. This classic arcade style flying game takes you through an endless ever-changing landscape of objects you must avoid. Pick as many of the portals on the trail as you can, including specials scattered here and there. They will give bonuses… or not… Your ultimate goal is to stay alive as long as possible. In the beginning it is hard, but you will get better. In party mode you can challenge your friends on the same device, who stays alive the longest and gets the highest score? Always at the highest speeds!