The Lab

Where not to place your VR work-space
September 14, 2017

On occasion I started seeing some odd tracking artefacts when working in Tilt Brush. Sometimes the controller tracking would be slightly warped, almost as if space was locally deformed in certain places… The behavior was not persistent – it would appear and then gradually fade over the course of a minute or so. Then there […]

Steam launch options
August 7, 2017

Launching a game on Steam is a bit of a process, but in all honesty Valve made this pretty streamlined. Their response time in review is fairly impressive as well. We did notice a little issue however. We wanted our players to be able to experience Avem33 on desktop as well as VR. Obviously the […]

Environment screens from (Dragon Orb) DOTR
June 20, 2017

Work in progress, starting to look pretty nice.

Playing with AWA sensors
June 15, 2017

For fun we tried to see if we could control the Avem33 game using a sensor from the AWA project. Pretty fun actually, the sensor is streaming coordinates over BLE to a Google Pixel Phone which then pushes the coordinates over a small UDP hack we did to the game… the result as follows.

Pushing for Google Daydream
May 29, 2017

Rant warning starts here…. So we started out with pushing our stuff to Daydream, following all the archaic rules like, selecting ship with the controller and not head view and got all the practical parts in place. After the first review process we realized we don’t agree with Google on what motion intensity Avem33 is. […]

HoloLens and CNTK
May 20, 2017

Microsoft Hololens is a amazing device, but in one area we noticed a tiny issue. Running CNTK requires a 64 bit processor or at least the CNTK project doesn’t build for x86 out of the box (or git repo) as it is. We’re pretty sure this is portable but requires a big chunk of work […]

Samsung Galaxy S7 issues & AVEM 33
May 15, 2017

We pushed the game for release end of April but somehow it failed in the Oculus test process. Parts of the graphics weren’t showing up properly. Turns out the American market has a Galaxy S7/Edge with different CPU & GPU and of course there were GLES differences and we had no way to test these […]

AVEM 33 Teaser
April 10, 2017

Preparations to release AVEM 33 is progressing. Some ingame video to be published soon.

Visual Studio android Development
February 20, 2017

Our development pipeline has been setup using Visual Studio only excluding the need for Android studio. We now develop native c++ and OpenGL in Visual studio with both compiling, deploying to handset and debugging remotely (Wifi) all within visual studio. One major issue is when Samsung Phones have been updated OTA the permissions in the […]