On the 6th of March 2019 Håkan Nytorp steps up to become the new Chairman of the Board for Wavr.

Previous Chairman Michael Camitz invited Håkan Nytorp to join the board during the summer of 2017. He quickly gained a respect for CEO Patrik Zayas and a strong belief in Wavr as a business and its team of employees.

Håkan Nytorp has a background from almost 30 years with ABB within process automation and industry clients, working his way up from installation engineer to global development and strategy manager and division manager. He has lived abroad in USA, Thailand, Australia and Ireland.

He is currently working with digital transformation, automation, business development and smaller tech startups.

The Board

The Future

Håkan Nytorp has also seen the increase of positive interest in Wavrs technology within the biometric telemetry field. Clients are lining up because they see Wavrs products as cheaper and more reliable then what is currently available.

He sees a future where everyone from elite athletes to first responders wear garments with our tech and is very positive about the changed main focus of the company.