Core team

We are a group of passionate people with backgrounds in games- and construction-industry, academics and software development. Most of us have 15+ years experience from places like Starbreeze, Ubisoft Massive, Stillfront, Dreamler, Stanford where we have been involved in several high profile projects. The team shares a love for constant learning and never backing down from really hard problems. We believe in working close to the hardware, applying cutting edge research and making our own tools from scratch to pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

  • Patrik Zayas

    Patrik has worked as Lead Designer, Lead Developer and Project manager for companies such as Starbreeze and Stillfront. Prior to founding WAVR he founded Goldblue, an online casino, where he worked as CEO for 3 years.

  • Samuel Zayas

    Samuel is a world class developer who has held several roles as Senior Developer in many different business areas, previously at Dreamler and Stillfront. Samuel is exceptionally versatile in terms of understanding and joining technologies togheter.

  • Johannes Norneby

    Johannes is a 20 year veteran of software and games development at a hardcore level, with several AAA games under his belt from Massive Entertainment (Ubisoft Massive) as well as his own independent projects at nornware AB.

  • Thomas Wingate

    Thomas has a background in computational geometry and large scale architectural projects and has been involved in Burj al Khalifa, Campus des Wissens to name a few. He has spent 10 years researching technology and methodology for construction industry and has taught at Stanford, Chalmers, KTH and LTH. Prior to WAVR he founded Dreamler, a realtime multiplayer planning software, where he worked as CTO since 2011.

  • Daniel Benitez

    Daniel is an entrepreneur who built Starbreeze and Stillfront Studios to become one of the top gaming companines in Sweden and created the most successful AAA games from Starbreeze to date. Furthermore Daniel is the founder of Kontigo Care a medtech company for preventive and rehab technology

  • Michael Camitz

    Michael is a senior advisor and currently employed at Uppsala Innovation Centre with a background as Business Mentor and engineering sciences. Michael was project leader for the privatization of swedish farmacies on behalf of he swedish government.

  • Håkan Nytorp

    Håkan has spent many years as VP for ABB in Singapore and in Västerås creating a vast network in the heavy industry in sweden. Apart from being Boardmember of WaVR Håkan is also Senior advisor and Boardmember of UniBab AB, a state of the art AI and CV company.

  • Mats Jonsson

    Mats is high ranking legal councel with entrepreneurship as a beacon. Chief Legal Counsel and Co-founder of Packetfront Group, General Legal Counsel of Tele2 Sverige and now running his own legal firm Vangard AB i Stockholm.