WAVR is an innovative Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) company based in Sweden with roots in the games industry. We like to believe that WAVR really stands out from the ordinary VR/AR-studio where we develop our own tech based on extensive research within VR/AR space and Computer Vision (CV) field. Computer vision which in simple terms means one exciting field within Artificial Intelligence, where computers begins to understand what they are looking at and assist the user in making decisions.

Our mission objective is to create new revolutionary games and applications with the latest technologies for best user experiences.

WAVR’s business idea is to develop a set of technologies into a single platform that can be applied to both VR/AR gamers and industrial applications. We seek out cutting edge academic research and implement this “close to the metal” to ensure maximum performance from available hardware. An area of particular interest is Computer Vision, a subset of the wider AI field, which deals with how a computer can gain high level understanding of its environment and the ability to identify objects.